4th of July Blues

As I drove down the street this past weekend, I noticed red, white & blue decorations going up, 4th of July special sales and fireworks all around! The upcoming holiday weekend is one of the barbeques, family gatherings and LOTS of noisy celebration and although most of us enjoy the festivities, our four-legged family members typically find all the commotion very stressful! If your pet is one of the many that struggles with loud noises, fireworks, and thunderstorms to name the primary culprits, check out the following.

Compression Gear (stretchy, tight T-shirts) for your cat or dog is an excellent way to help your pet relax during stressful events. Compression gear works with your pet’s instincts to inspire a sense of security with a close, snug feeling like swaddling a baby. Compression T-shirts can easily be fit to your pet, left on for as long as they are needed and put on at any point during the stressful event. They are drug-free, do not require a prescription, and are reusable in any situation.

Another excellent option that can be used by itself or in combination with a compression shirt is Sileo. Sileo is a low-dose, oral medication that you can give your pet just before or during a stressful event that can help relax them without the grogginess of sedation. Sileo is a prescription medication that you can acquire from your veterinarian.

In addition to compression shirts and Sileo, having a safe place for your pet to hide such as a dark bedroom or bathroom, can help them remain calm and ride out the long week of fireworks and summer of storms to come. Consult your veterinarian for options for your pets to stay safe and happy.

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