A Bite Out of Dental Disease

In light of the upcoming veterinary dental month (February), I want to delve into the key points of your pet’s dental care. Dental care is a major part of pet healthcare, like vaccination and parasite prevention, but it commonly goes over-looked or is passed over as “dog breath” or “old cat teeth”. Below are 5 key points about pet dental disease and dental care for your four-legged family members.

  1. Your cat or dog’s teeth are like yours! Cat and dog tooth structure, types of teeth and gums are like humans. Just imagine what your mouth would look like without any dental care.
  2. Dental disease leads to that bad breath smell. Part of dental disease is the bacteria that builds up on your pet’s teeth and under the gum line. You and I would brush that bacteria away and have it cleaned by your dentist.
  3. Dental disease causes more than bad breath. Pet dental disease has been directly connected to heart disease, liver disease and other organ failures from the bacteria brewing in their mouth.
  4. Dental disease is painful. Think of pet dental disease as a constant infection in your pet’s mouth that slowly degrades each tooth and gum. Without control and treatment, that infection can loosen, abscess and kill teeth.
  5. Pet dental disease is treatable and even preventable!

So, on this lovely, icy day, take a quick peak under the lips of your pets. Look for any redness of the gums, unpleasant breath, or brown/yellow discoloration of the teeth. If you see any of the above, your pet has dental disease and needs dental care. Stay tuned for dental care options next week!

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