A Little Feline Focus

In taking a break from our previous topics that discussed summer hazards, let’s turn our attention to our feline companions. Cats are known and loved for their independent, playful nature and ability to warm our hearts despite their occasional ornery attitudes. That independent feline nature can make veterinary visits stressful for you and your cat, even to the point where cats do not receive the wellness and medical care they need! Let’s talk about some ways to make veterinary visits a more pleasant and productive experience for you and your cats.

Problem: The Dreaded Pet Carrier.

Cats are notorious for their sixth sense and ability to disappear when the pet carrier comes out the morning of their veterinary appointment.

Feline Friendly Tips:

  • Bring out the pet carrier a few days before the appointment to allow your cat to explore the new space. Put treats, favorite toys and maybe even a little catnip in the carrier to create a positive, fun environment in the carrier.
  • Ask your veterinarian about feline pheromones and compression shirts that can help tap into your pet’s natural instincts to help them feel safer and more secure during their carrier and veterinary visit experience.

Problem: Car-Ride Crying

A lot of cats are not fond of the movement, noises, and smells associated with being in a moving vehicle.

Feline Friendly Tips:

  • Put one of your cat’s favorite blankets that smell like home in the carrier with them and consider covering the carrier with a towel or blanket to allow your cat to feel more safe and secure.
  • Ask your veterinarian about natural oral supplements that can aid in reducing your cat’s traveling anxiety.
  • Ask your veterinarian for an appointment during a quieter time of day so your cat is less likely to encounter nosey canines and the hustle and bustle of the veterinary office.

Cats are very sensitive, intuitive and intelligent animals that are fantastic companions. If we really delve into working with their general nature and instincts veterinary visits can be a more pleasant experience for you and your pet!

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