A New Year

Welcome to 2017! As promised, I have continued with a few more predictions and resolutions in the new year!

Prediction 3: The number of pet product options will grow

Every time I walk into a store, any store, I see an entire aisle or more of pet products. From food and treats to toys and pet attire the options are overwhelming! I see my clients trying numerous different techniques to sift through these daunting stacks. From picking the most expensive to the least expensive products, products with the best Google information or winging-it at the store, there is no perfect selection system. +For instance, flea and tick products with permethrin as an active ingredient can be very dangerous if dogs accidentally receive (or ingest) a significant amount and can be lethal if used within cats in any way. Navigating these aisles will only become more complicated as the year goes on and more products are released!

Resolution 2: Taking Google with a Grain of Salt

One of my greatest struggles as a veterinarian is the information out there on the internet. As a veterinarian, I strive to use scientific data from numerous sources and my medical training to make the best decisions for my practice, patients, and my own pets. There are a tremendous number of incorrect and inflammatory websites, blogs, and reviews that target veterinarians, veterinary products and the notion of using data to choose healthcare for our pets. When you are looking for information about pet health, please include your veterinarian and seek information sources that are objective, data-filled and can support their statements. Also, please take information from individual comments, breeders websites, blogs and product reviews with a grain of salt.

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