A New Year

As 2016 quickly concludes, I thought we could reflect on some predictions and resolutions for our pets!

Prediction 1: The war on pet parasites will worsen

With Spring just around the corner and the very late warm weather we had, you can bet on a dangerous and difficult parasite season. Ticks and Heartworm disease can show up as early as March and fleas live comfortably until after a hard freeze (and inside during all seasons). Not to mention, intestinal parasites are always a risk. Remember to keep your pets up to date on parasite prevention all year round!

Prediction 2: Our pets will continue to live longer

Overall, our pets have been living longer, healthier lives thanks to better nutritional options, medical advances and more pets living inside with us as family members. People generally have an amazing bond with their pets and great interest in how to help them live long happy lives. With longevity, comes some of the challenges of age, such as arthritis, loss of mental function and other bodily issues. In 2017, we will dig into how to help our pets age gracefully and enjoy their older (and maybe wiser) years.

Resolution 1: Battling pet obesity

Pet obesity is a major piece of pets not living as long or as comfortably as they should. Pet obesity can increase the likelihood and severity of arthritis, heart disease, organ dysfunction and diabetes. If your pet is carrying a few extra pounds (which can be the equivalent of you carrying 30+ extra pounds), consider making sure your pet gets daily exercise, even if it’s just a few minutes, and review your pet’s diet with your veterinarian to really count the calories.

Stay tuned for more predictions and resolutions to come in the New Year!

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