A Night Out With the Vet – Summer Event Series

The Animal Hospital is giving pet owners a fun night out where they can get FREE health information and tips about important topics from an actual veterinarian!

June 12 – Dog Days of Summer

Lake safety, snake bites, bee stings, heat exhaustion and noise aversion – Learn to help your pet deal with those issues, plus fireworks and thunderstorms.

July 10 – Pet First Aid

Your pet is hurt or suddenly sick. Learn how you can help your animal companion until you can get to the vet.

August 14 – Feeding Fido & Fluffy

Organic? Grain-free? Natural? Learn what those terms really mean and what’s right for your pet. We’ll also talk about allergies and supplements, too.

September 18 – Holistic & Alternative Treatments

Acupuncture, laser and magnetic therapy, essential oils, and treating chronic pain. What really works? Learn more with Dr. Mack!

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