Animal Athletes; A Tribute

In celebration of our awesome Plainville Cardinals’ state game performance (GO CARDS), let’s look at a few animal kingdom athletes! Although there are no animal football teams, there are plenty of animal athletes with their own, individual talents.

Receivers display agility and speed under pressure and usually run 13-17mph. Professional team’s fastest players run 21-22mph. In the animal kingdom, there are several speed demons as well. For example, Greyhound dogs can top 45mph on straightaways. Faster yet, hummingbirds are comprised of a tremendous amount of muscle and top speeds of 60mph at a full dive. Yet, the cheetah beats them all, hitting speeds of over 70mph for short sprints while chasing prey.

Speed is not the only skill needed for success as an animal. Strength and endurance are valuable as well and sometimes smaller equals stronger. The ant, for instance, can lift and carry over fifty times its own weight with just its jaws. That would be like a person hauling around a small car over long distances! The average dung beetle can pull over one thousand times its body weight. That’s like a person pulling eight school buses at the same time!

Finally, stamina is key to athletic success. The average person can hold their breath for 30 seconds to 2 minutes with the greatest divers lasting closer to 7 minutes. The emperor penguin can hold its breath for over 20 minutes and dive deeper than any human has ever attempted!

Congratulations to our Plainville Cardinals on a superb season! We are proud of you!

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