Breed Myths Debunked!

Last week we discussed some of the important data that surrounds different dog breeds and some of the laws specific to certain breeds. We noted how there are some breeds that are focused on very intently, including the Pit Bull category of breeds, German Shepard Dogs and Rottweilers. This week I want to roll into some of the common myths and urban legends that surround these breeds and sparked some of the breed specific laws.

Myth: Pit Bulls have Lock Jaw when they bite.
Debunked! There is no scientific evidence to suggest the breeds associated with Pit Bulls have any mechanism or ability to lock their jaws. Pit Bulls along with other large breed dogs were bred for their athleticism and mental prowess. That athleticism and instinct can lead to a powerful bite, but with no extra tools than any other dog breed.

Certain Breeds are Naturally Aggressive.
Debunked! Personality and attitude have both environmental (the way dogs are raised and socialized) and genetic factors, but that applies to all breeds of dogs. The actual breed of the dog is far less important than the personality of his or her parents and the way that individual dog was trained and socialized. I would agree certain breeds have certain tendencies, but these patterns do not determine the attitude of each animal. When choosing a breed of dog for your household I recommend spending more time meeting the dog, learning about his/her history and paying attention to that dog’s exercise, dietary and grooming needs rather than focusing on the breed.

Stay tuned for more Myths debunked and please keep an open mind when it comes to judging a breed!

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