Commons Concerns

In practice, there are several, common concerns I hear weekly from pet owners. This week let’s review a couple.

Concern Number 1: My cat has stopped using the litter box!

This concern is a big, smelly one. Most often I hear “My cat is mad at me, so he pees on the floor”. Although cats can be particular, there are many reasons why cats stop using their litterboxes including urinary tract issues, joint pain, stress and behavioral causes. Urinary tract diseases such as infections, kidney disease, bladder stones and lower urinary tract inflammation can lead to major changes in your cat’s litterbox behavior. Other conditions, such as diabetes, can lead to abnormal urination and joint pain or spinal pain can make your cat not want to climb into and use the litterbox.. So, before you assume that feline friend is being a fierce pain in the you—know-what, check with your veterinarian for possible medical causes of litterbox abandonment.

Concern Number 2: My dog or cat is mostly inside. Why do they need vaccinations?

This concern is a very valid one! There is a lot of controversy out there surrounding the who, what, and when of pet vaccination.

The Who: Veterinarians recommend vaccination for all pets regardless of their outside/inside status because of the tremendous risk of the diseases we vaccinate against as well as legal issues it may cause for you. Just because your pet lives inside, does not mean they are immune to a dangerous disease.

The What: Your veterinarian is your best resource to determine which vaccinations are appropriate for your pet. Vaccinations can change based on geographical location, travel plans, pet age and even breed.

The When: Vaccinations should be given based on the nature of your pet’s history and immune system. Vaccination programs are designed to help your pet, not hurt them! Make sure to consult your veterinarian about a proper and complete vaccination plan.

Stay tuned for more common concerns addressed next week!

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