Delaying the Dental

For the last several weeks we have been discussing all pet oral health care and the ins and outs of dental disease, dental procedures, and oral healthcare. Pet oral healthcare is crucial to your pet’s overall health and comfort and there are a lot of different ways you can help your pets! Some pet’s dental disease is too progressed for preventatives and they need a dental cleaning procedure followed by preventatives, but for our younger pets and those with early dental disease, the following tips can help delay dental disease.

  1. Look for the VOHC seal of approval. Not all dental products are created equal and those with the VOHC (Veterinary Oral Health Care) seal have been researched and reviewed to have positive measurable impacts on dental disease.
  2. There are more options than just treats and tooth brushing. Regular tooth brushing with pet-approved toothpaste and brushes is an excellent form of dental disease prevention, but there are more options! VOHC approved water additives can be an easy way to help your pet stave off dental disease without having to put your hands in their mouth and VOHC approved oral gels, applied topically to gums and teeth, can also do a lot of good for your pet’s oral care.
  3. VOHC approved dental treats can be a great option, but they must be given per their label to be effective and be included in your pet’s daily calorie count!
  4. Take an active role in your pet’s oral and overall healthcare. Start practicing looking in your pet’s mouth, touching their gums and figuring out which products they like! Ask your veterinarian for samples, options, and alternatives that work for your pets!
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