Disasters Continue…

As hurricane Irma rolls over the top of Florida, Houston remains ravaged by the aftermath of Harvey and the Northwest tries to hold back the flames there are tens of thousands of animals in need. People are obviously struggling amidst these tremendous disasters and their pets, horses and livestock can be left behind or trapped.

I have received many inquiries about adopting and helping animals in the various locations in need, and with Irma’s decent, there will be many more animals in needs. Last week we discussed some reputable groups that are directing resources to the locations and animals in need. This week I will discuss some of the precautions of adoption and housing animal victims you should take and some additional resources looking for aid. Please consider adoption and helping in this time of need!

Many pets have been displaced and surrendered by their owners and are looking for new homes. The shelters holding these animals are overflowing with wonderful pets and the shelters are doing their best to send healthy animals to new homes. In addition to the groups listed last week, The Kansas Humane Society is taking in animals from Harvey now.

Check out this link to help!


Horses and livestock have also been victims of the current disasters. Horses, especially, have been suffering from a condition coined “river rot” from the waters they have been trapped in. If you plan on taking in any larger animals in need, make sure to contact your veterinarian and build a plan prior to their arrival.

Also, the below site is run by a veterinarian working to help link animal owner victims from Harvey to their displaced pets.

Lost and Found Pets from Hurricane Harvey (Texas) at http://www.erahvet.com/harvey-lf-pets.html

As rescue efforts continue in Texas, groups are beginning to spread resources to Florida as well. Thousands have been evacuated, but pet-friendly shelters are filling up in Florida and pets will be displaced from Florida as well. Stay tuned for more updates in upcoming weeks.

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