Fall Blues – Halloween Hazards

Halloween is an exciting and fun time for adult and children alike. There are costumes, pumpkins, crazy decorations and plenty of sweet, sugar-filled treats! As much as we enjoy this festive holiday, our pets can find it terrifying and full of hidden dangers. In these weeks leading up to end of October, we will review a few of the scary spooks your pets can encounter.

Keep an eye on the candy. Our four-legged friends have excellent sniffers and love sweet treats as much as you and I. Just like us, candy can cause serious stomach and intestinal upset in our pets to the point of them needing hospitalization. In addition, some candies contain raisins, which can be very poisonous to pets and lead to severe vomiting, diarrhea and kidney failure (this can be fatal). Also, do not forget the candy wrappers themselves! A lot of pets, especially dogs, will not discriminate between the candy and the candy wrapper. Those wrappers can lead to severe vomiting and possible blockages of the intestines that commonly needs surgery to fix.

Watch out for dangerous décor! Glow sticks, lights, fake netting and other common holiday decorations can be hazardous for our pets. Around Halloween, it is common for cats to play with and chew on glow sticks as well as grapple with hanging decorations. The contents of glow stick can cause irritation of the mouth, foaming and a lot of drooling. Cats and dogs who get a hold of some of those hanging nets, lights or fake spider webs can choke, vomit and possible block their intestines with their festive but inedible findings.

Keep your eyes peeled this holiday season during your festivities. What may seem fun and harmless to you and I can spell big trouble for our furry family members!

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