Halloween Dos and Don’ts

With Halloween sneaking up on us, I wanted to run through some of the not so festive things that can occur. Pets have a habit of getting into mischief when everyone around them is involved in festivities! Check out the points below to avoid some serious holiday gloom.

  • Chocolate can be a real ghoul! Chocolate is poisonous to our pets and the type of chocolate and amount ingested is very relevant to how much danger your pet is in. We recommend calling your veterinarian with any chocolate ingestion to make sure your pet does not need immediate medical attention to survive.
  • Candy is not a trick and is an awful treat! Candy is not only too high in sugar for our pets, but some candies are made with sugar substitutes such as Xylitol that can be fatal to our pets. Keep all candy out of reach and away from your pets’ sweet tooth!
  • Anything glowing and bright such as glowsticks, hairsprays, and streamers can draw your pet’s attention! Pets that bite into glowsticks will foam at the mouth and may need veterinary attention. Hairsprays can be very toxic and damaging to your pet’s eyes. Lastly, when streamers are ingested they can cause blockages in the intestine. Keep an eye on what your pet is paying too much attention to!
  • Costumes can be creepy to pets! Use caution when dressing your pets! They do not understand the nature of the festivities and can become frightened or entangled in costumes. Costumes can also be choking hazards or cause intestinal blockages if eaten.

Halloween is meant to be fun-filled, exciting and memorable. Make sure the day is not too exciting for monitoring your pets’ whereabouts, keeping candy and costume supplies out of reach and using caution when dressing your pets. Have a Happy Halloween!

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