Halloween Hang-ups

One of my favorite parts of Halloween is all of the fun costumes and decorations! There are pumpkins and candy around every corner and ghouls and witches running about. All of the costumes are fun and creative but can cause some distress for our household pets. Read some more for tips and tricks to helping your pet survive all hallows eve.

If your pet becomes frightened by those great kid costumes give them their own room away from trick-or-treaters. Try setting up their crate, favorite bed or blanket far away from the ruckus. You can use distractions such as playing music, keeping the lights low and making sure your pet’s favorite toys are ready and available. If the doorbell rings your pet’s bell you can even cover the button with fun decorations and a sign asking the ghosts and mummies to knock instead of ring!

Sometimes a quiet place and some favorite toys is not enough to quell your pet’s fears. Similar to the 4th of July, there are options out there to help your pet stay more calm and relaxed during stressful events. Options such as compression shirts, calming supplements and a low-dose calming sedatives can help make those witching hours less eventful for your pets. Call or stop in at your veterinarian’s office to discuss how to help your pet thrive Halloween night!

P.S. Be cautious of putting costumes on your pet. Many spray on or paint on products can be harmful to your pet’s skin and poisonous if ingested. Costumes can also get stuck on your pet’s neck or block their intestines of eaten.

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