Holiday Hazards – December Edition

This holiday season is a festive, fun family time for most and our pets are usually included in the family gatherings, gift giving and great meals. Including your pets in the joy and love is wonderful! Make them a stocking, get them in the family pictures and even add in the pet gifts to the shopping list, but make sure to keep the following hazards in the back of your mind and out of their grasp.

The Tree. Christmas trees are beautiful, bright symbols of family gathering, family history and plenty of memories, but for our pets they can be perilous and cause havoc in the home. Those ornaments, lights, and tinsel create a tempting toy for our four-legged friends. Larger canines can knock trees over or reach those shiny ornaments. Smaller pets can reach low hanging items and cats are notorious for eating tinsel that can create some serious surgical conditions. Cords and lights can also lead to electrocution for those curious chewers.

The Feast. Food is usually a big component of family gatherings and there are numerous items your pets need to stay away from.

  • Stay away from the bones. Duck, turkey, chicken, ham etc. bones can all lead to bowel obstructions and perforations in our pets.
  • Bread dough (or anything yeast based) ingestion can cause serious stomach and intestinal disruption and can require surgery, or at least hospitalization, to save the pet.
  • Watch that fruit plate and bread. Remember raisins and grapes can be toxic to our canine companions.

The best course of action is to keep your pets on their own dietary routine and avoid the human food entirely or get them their own pet treats to surprise them with! If they are curious about the tree, it is best to keep them away from the tree unless they are being monitored. Overall, be mindful of all the exciting and delicious parts of this season and keep your pets safe!

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