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If you frequent Facebook, Pinterest, google topics or just generally check up on things involving your pets you might have noticed some trends and changes that affect your health. This week I want to review a few of those buzz words and issues that you need to know about.

  1. Bromethalin based rat bait poisonings are on the rise. Approximately 10 years ago, EPA regulations increased on classic rat baits, also known as rodenticides, and indirectly lead to an increase of Bromethalin based products available. Unfortunately, Bromethalin is very toxic to our pets, and unlike rodenticides, does not have an antidote. Bromethalin poisoning takes very little bait to affect your pets, is absorbed very quickly within your pets’ stomach and is almost always fatal.
  2. Some peanut butter brands contain xylitol. Xylitol is a common sugar substitute found most commonly in sugar free gum. When our pets ingest xylitol their blood sugar can drop to dangerously low levels leading to coma and death. Some specialty brands of peanut butter have now shifted to using xylitol.
  3. “All Natural” product labels do not equal safe. There are no regulations placed on all natural products or essential oils. Although essential oils are very popular, efficacy and safety are not monitored. The ASPCA Poison Control center received several dozen reports of severe, even fatal, reactions to all natural flea and tick control agents. Tea tree oil is also known as a very toxic oil when applied topically, even in very small amount.

The take away message is to use credible sources, like your veterinarian, when choosing products and caring for your pets.

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