Spring is trying to sneak up early on us this year and so are all the allergens and creepy crawlies that come with it. With this early, but uncertain, warmth I figured we could refresh our memories about things that make our pets itch!

  1. Fleas, Fleas and more Fleas! These little buggers make everyone miserable and are everywhere. NO pet is immune (inside or outside living) due to the resilience of fleas living in the environment and their love for living on our pets. Fleas are not only annoying because they can survive in your house/yard/etc., but also because they can cause severe skin damage and give your pet tapeworms.
  2. Ticks Galore! Ticks are out already (I found my first one this past weekend) and you can bet, they are clinging to every living thing they can. For the most part, ticks are nowhere near as itchy as their flea counterparts, but significantly more dangerous. Ticks spend time feeding on the blood of their host and are notorious for giving their host some nasty diseases. Ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Lyme Disease, Cytauxzoon and many more diseases are transmitted by ticks and can be life-threatening and debilitating to our pets. Large animals, such as horses and cattle, can contract tick-borne diseases as well that that can be fatal.
  3. Spring into Allergies! Allergies to pollens, molds, grasses and other common pieces of spring and summer are common among pets. Pets can develop allergies at any point to any part of their environment. Common signs of allergies can include ear infections, head shaking, and lots of foot chewing or licking.

Parasite prevention is key to preventing and managing fleas & ticks from ruining your pet’s spring and summer fun. Stay tuned for more preventative information and allergy therapy options!

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