Let’s Review!

For the last several weeks we have been digging deeper into the parasites that pester our pets and our families. This week, before we move on some more summer topics, let’s review.

Heartworm disease is a dangerous disease transmitted by mosquitos to both dogs and cats! Heartworm disease affects both indoor and outdoor pets and leads to fatal congestive heart failure if not treated. We also learned that treatment is difficult and dangerous, but prevention is easy and inexpensive!

Along with deadly heartworm disease, our pets are exposed to many other pesky bugs in their day to day world. Fleas are present everywhere and live for long periods of time in the environment. This creepy crawlies can hitch a ride on you or your pets and set up shop in your home. Fleas are challenging to evict and can make your pets super itchy. Ticks may be a bit less maddening, but they are gross to find and can carry some very dangerous and deadly diseases to both your two-legged and four-legged family members.

Last, but not least, we mulled over the various intestinal parasites that can quietly damage your pet’s health and put your family at risk. We chatted about roundworms and hookworms that can affect your whole family and tapeworms, whipworms, mites and many others that can not only be the bug that’s bugs your pet, but also the pest that leads to health issues and veterinary visits.

The overall message I hope you get from these many weeks of creepy crawly talk is that parasites are a very important part of pet care and parasites are easily prevented. Make sure you talk to your veterinarian about protecting your pets!

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