Pet Gifts

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, the Christmas music is playing, cyber Monday is a upon us and our sights turn towards the upcoming holiday season, let’s talk about some great holiday gifts for our pets and pet loving family members!

For our feline friends and their human counterparts, gifts can always be tricky. Toys can be fun for a few minutes, but knowing our frisky felines, they may soon lose interest. Some better options may include the viral hits that are hoodies with cat pouches. There is nothing like snuggling close with your comfy kitty on a cold winter night. A more practical option may include a modern, updated cat litter that can help monitor the health of your companion.

For our canine companions, the options are vast! Some popular hits include indestructible toys that keep your dog entertained, feeding or licking mats to occupy their minds, and other training aids to keep you and your pets’ time enjoyable. Other, more human oriented, options include a lot of travel items. Some of my favorites are seatbelts or harnesses for securing your pet in a vehicle. Having seen several dogs fall out of trucks this year (and be severely injured), I strongly recommend making sure your pet rides safely. Collapsible bowls, in rubber and nylon, are a great way to keep your pet hydrated on the go and for those older canines, ramps, beds and hammocks for your vehicle can be a great gift for anyone!

Whether your gift is large or small, we know your pets will love it (and you)! Happy shopping!

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