Picking Your New Family Friend – Part 2

Is your family looking for a new four-legged member? Last week we discussed the factors to consider before choosing the type of pet for your family. Family make-up, time available for your new pet, pet living area and financial obligations were noted as key questions to answer before choosing your new pet. This week we will discuss a few different types of pets that might fit best in your home.

Small mammals such as guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, chinchillas, and hedgehogs can make excellent family pets. They are small, require minimal training and have very controlled environments. These small mammals have minimal costs compared to other pets, but they do require some extra research and special care. Small mammals typically require a very specific environment and a special diet to live well. Make sure you do your homework before bringing home one of these little fur balls.

Reptiles and birds are unique animals to keep as pets and require knowledge and interest to care for well. They can be fun and educational pets for families devoted to learning about them and providing the proper food, environment and additional care they need. Reptiles and birds can require expensive lighting, lots of time and socialization, varying diets that may be difficult to locate and unique handling skills. Approach taking home a reptile or bird with caution and plenty of preparation.

Cats and dogs are the classic furry family addition. They are expressive, engaging and can meld well with your family. Cats and dogs require a lot of socialization, at home and veterinary care and will need a financial obligation from your family.

Tune in next week for how to choose the size, age, and breed of your new dog or cat.

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