Puppy Talk Part 2

One of the best parts of my job is the first new puppy appointment! Last week we discussed some of the key points of a puppy’s first appointment including the importance of appropriate, well-timed vaccinations, proper nutrition and excellent parasite control.

This week, I want to over a few more important points for your new pup!

4) Proper and consistent dental preventative care is super important to your developing pup throughout their life. There are a lot of products out there that use “dental” as part of their title or marketing, but how do you know they actually help your pet’s teeth? Products with the VOHC seal of approval has demonstrated, through research, to a group of veterinary dental specialists that they benefit the oral health of your pets. You can google a product list and/or speak with your veterinarian about which products are best for your pet.

In addition to dental products, regular teeth brushing can be an excellent way to prevent dental disease but is best learned when your pup is young. Speak to your veterinarian about a free sample kit and teeth brushing lessons!

5) While we are discussing your pup’s teeth, what about ALL of that chewing! Puppy teething and exploration phases can very hard in a household and the family’s belongings. Not including the hazards associated with a puppy eating random items, nobody enjoys slobbery shoes, missing underwear, and trash “confetti”.

When choosing your pup’s chew toys (not your shoes), use caution with any toy that could be ripped up and swallowed or any rawhide or bone. Intestinal obstructions are one of the leading troubles with puppies and can be avoided with a watchful eye!

In the end, your pup’s early months are key to their growth and development as a member of your family. Stay tuned next week for some puppy tips and tricks!

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