Puppy Talk Part 3

For the past couple of weeks, we have been chatting about the important pieces of your puppy’s health and well-being. This week, as the final part of this fun topic, I want to run through a few tips and tricks that can help a new puppy owner out!

The Chewer:

Some puppies simply must have a taste and chew of every possible object they can get their mouth on. Shoes, socks, underwear, trash, tires, stones, pots, pans, glasses, cans, spatulas, trees, toilet paper, vacuums and more, puppies can be destructive little buggers and can do a lot of damage to themselves in process.

Keep your puppy occupied with safe and stimulating toys. Some options include tough, flexible rubber based toys that peanut butter, broth or treats can be hidden in. Puzzle toys can be a great distractor as well, keeping your pup’s mind busy as well as their nose. Make sure you encourage your pup to chew on the items for them and keep dangerous desirables out of reach.

The Pee-er:

This puppy is the piddler in the room. Whether it be from excitement, fear, or just because they are always peeing.

The key here is diverting the situations that lead to peeing. If your puppy pees when you come home, make your entrance as a low-key as possible, immediately go outside and give plenty of praise! If your puppy is a nervous pee-er, use a lot of praise and be very calm. Encourage your pup to stay sitting up or standing and not lay down or roll over.

Overall, puppies are all different, but patience, consistency and lots of education will lead to you and your four-legged companion living a peaceful, enjoyable life.

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