Puppy Talk

One of the best parts of my job is the first new puppy appointment! There is nothing more adorable than the squeak of a little puppy and a scent of puppy breath. This week I want to give a brief overview of three key points of a puppy’s first appointment.

  1. A series of vaccinations is truly important. The vaccines we give may appear to just be something your puppy goes through, but they are crucial to their long-term health. These vaccinations, given in series, protect against disease like distemper and parvovirus (Both potentially fatal!).
  2. Nutrition is what makes your puppy grow! Puppies should be on a diet appropriate for their expected adult size for their first year of life. For example, Labrador puppies should be on a large breed puppy food and Chihuahuas on a toy breed puppy food. Consult your veterinarian for the best brands that can support your pup.
  3. Fleas, Ticks and Bugs Oh My! Parasites are more than just gross for your pet, they can be very dangerous and even deadly. Intestinal parasites take nutrients from your pup. Heartworm damages their hearts. Fleas and ticks can carry some awful diseases. But, did you know that your human family members, especially children, are vulnerable to many of those same parasites. Protecting your pet is protecting your family.

Stay tuned. Next week I will delve into the second half od your puppy’s first appointment!

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