Summer Scares – Thunder, Lightening and Fireworks Oh My!

Do you and your pet dread those summer storms? If so, your pet is one of many who becomes anxious and afraid of the loud noises (including fireworks), changes in air pressure, flashing lights, and stormy smells. Noise phobia is a serious condition that can affect the mental and physical health of your pet and add stress to your household. Signs of noise phobia can include yawning, panting, pacing, drooling, restlessness, trembling, barking, whining, eliminating, clinging to family members, destroying household items, and possibly hurting him/her in the process.  Although most pets with noise phobia will not become completely relaxed, there are a number of options to help your pet be significantly more comfortable and work through their fears.

  • Compression Shirts

Compression shirts use your pet’s natural instincts to help his/her feel safer during stressful events. Compression shirts are a simple to use, inexpensive, reusable, non-pharmaceutical way to bring some relief to anxiety.

  • Anxiety Reducing Supplements

Recently scientifically backed oral supplements have been released that can aid in reducing your pet’s anxiety. These supplements contain natural products such as L-theonine, Magnolia Officinalis, Phellodendron amurense and whey proteins shown to safely level out pet anxiety in a variety of stressful situations.

  • Coming Soon – Low Dose of Medication given in an Oral Gel

In the very near future a new product is coming to market that provides a low dose of a common sedative in an oral gel. This product is designed to allow your pet to relax without feeling sedated in an easy to use at home format.

Each pet is unique and requires their own, individual program to help aid with their anxiety and improve their quality of life (and yours) during stressors.

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