The Art of Adoption

With several animals looking for homes from my impounding facility, I have pet adoption on my mind. If you are looking to add a new member to your family and hoping to adopt I suggest you consider the following points.

To start, pet adoption is a gracious and wonderful decision. There are tens of thousands of pets looking for forever homes just like yours! But, be cautious, where there is goodness there are people trying to take advantage of your generosity and you are going to want to make sure the group you are working with is legitimate.

  • Make sure to look at the facility the animals are in and the pet’s overall condition. Make note, if the animal was taken in in poor condition and was improving or not.
  • Pets up for adoption are required, by law in most regions, to spayed or neutered prior to adoption if they are old enough. Look for veterinary records and make you receive copies of those records.
  • Make sure you have ample opportunity to meet your potential new friend. Meetings should not be a challenge or a hassle!

Be honest with yourself. That fluffy, tail-wagging cutie in the proverbial “window” may look like your soon to be new friend, but take a pause and make sure that pet is right for you and your household. All adopters want their pets to find homes, but we want them to find the right home. Make sure your lifestyle, other pets, family members and home environment will work harmoniously with that potential new family member!

Pet adoption is a wonderful way to look for a new family friend! Just make sure to dot your “I”s and cross your “T”s before bringing that furry fluff ball home.

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