The Big, Bad & Barbeque?

Picture this. You, your family and your family dog are setting up for a summer BBQ. You get the tables and chairs out, heat up the grill and set up the burgers with all the sides and fixings, fill the cooler up with your favorite drinks and hang up some fun decorations for the kids coming over. Your friends, family and their dogs are coming over in an hour. Can you spot the pet hazards in this picture?

  • The sides and fixings, although appetizing, can be toxic to our pets.
    • Onions, garlic or leeks ingested in moderate amounts can cause bursting of red blood cells.
    • Chocolate can cause fatal heart arrhythmias and severe diarrhea.
    • Even one grape or raisin can cause sudden kidney failure that is also often fatal.
  • Alcohol is toxic to our pets. Although a dog drinking from a beer can or stealing a sip of wine can be a funny and adorable moment, alcohol can have severe effects on our pets. They are vulnerable to alcohol poisoning due to their metabolism and significantly lower weight than the average person.
  • Bright, sunny weather is always best for a BBQ, but the sun can not only over-heat your pet but also can burn them. Dogs with short coats or pink skin can burn easily. Areas around the nose and eyes have the least amount of protection. Burns are painful and can become infected.
  • Pay attention to who is paying attention to your decorations. Paper plates, streamers, balloons and other party décor can cause intestinal upset and possible bowel obstructions that require surgery.

In the end, everyone, including our pets, enjoys a good social barbeque, but keep an eye out for the seemingly harmless environment around you to keep your outdoor events fun!

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