The Cost of Pet Ownership – Part 2

Pet ownership can be pricey when you tally up all of the expenses such as food, veterinary care, grooming, toys, beds, leashes etc. Last week we discussed the general costs to consider when adopting or purchasing a pet. This week we will review the various ways you can offset those costs without sacrificing the quality of your pet’s care.

Comprehensive Wellness Plans can be a great way to give your pet needed wellness care without breaking the bank. Wellness plans are pet care packages that typically include services such as examinations, vaccinations, heartworm testing and prevention, early disease detection bloodwork, nail trims, spays, neuters and even dental cleaning procedures. These packages are customized for your pet’s age and anticipated wellness needs, and most plans have significant savings and the option to pay over several months to a year. Consult your veterinarian to see what plans they may have for your pets.

Pet Insurance can be an excellent way to manage those unexpected pet issues. There are numerous pet insurance companies that provide a major medical or general medical plan for your pet for a minimal monthly premium. They have additional options for wellness care as well. Consult your veterinarian about what pet insurance they offer.

Consult your veterinarian regarding what diet your pet should be on. Although higher quality foods can appear more expensive upfront, your pet usually requires smaller amounts on a daily basis and gets more nutrients out of every bite. Make sure you are feeding your pet the proper amount and type of food to your pet.

Consult your groomer on techniques you can use to reduce additional fees for matted hair coats or be able to extend the time between grooms. Regular brushing, ear cleaning, and bathing may allow you to reduce grooming costs.

Overall, with a little planning and research, you could save hundreds of dollar on pet care without sacrificing your pet’s well being.

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