The Dangers of an Overweight Pet – Part 4

Over the past several weeks we have been reviewing the risks of your pet being overweight and how to determine if your pet has a few extra pounds on board. To wrap up this series, we will check out some ways to help your pets lose weight and stay in shape!

  • Check in on your pet’s diet! Consult your veterinarian regarding the diet and caloric intake of your pet. Pet foods come with all sorts of labels and claims, but choosing the right one for your pet is crucial. Check in with your veterinarian and do a dietary consultation to make sure your pet is eating for success!
  • Cut back and change your pet’s goodies. Most of your pet’s favorite treats are loaded with fat and calorie-packed (think giant-sized candy bars). Dividing your pet’s favorite treats into smaller pieces and consider substituting safe foods such as pieces of carrot, celery, and broccoli. Make sure to check with your veterinarian for safe treat substitutions!
  • Up the exercise game! Take your pup for a walk or a game of fetch 2-4 times per week. Start small and build up your dog’s endurance over time. If your dog suffers from joint pain, contact your veterinarian for options to help them move more comfortably!
  • If your feline is not into fetch, try grabbing a toy that stimulates your cat to get up and move. Laser pointers, feathers on a stick and anything with a touch of catnip can get your cat exercising like a kitten again.
  • Try a new way of feeding your pet. There are numerous “toys” for cats and dogs that stimulate their minds and bodies while dispensing your pet’s meal slowly.

Overall, if your pet is overweight, consult your veterinarian to build a weight loss plan and help your pet lead a longer and more comfortable life.

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