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Large Animals

The Animal Hospital’s staff is experienced with both equine and farm animal care and is committed to providing our clients the best in health services for their animals. Our large-animal veterinary services include:

Haul-In Facilities
Our facilities feature a cattle-friendly set-up, loadout and pull through options, equine stocks, and a new indoor WW hydraulic tilt chute which enables us to provide specialized lameness care.
Electroejaculation Equipment
We understand the importance of breeding soundness and provide premiere Lane electroejaculation equipment for thorough bull testing.
This tool enables us to accurately and quickly diagnose pregnancy, fetal aging and fetal sex for better reproductive management.
Obstetrical Care
We can assist with labor and delivery and feature a specialized chute for your calving cows in need.
Our veterinarians are available to assist you with overall heard health and nutritional services. This includes liver biopsy capabilities for mineral surveillance and tailored herd health vaccination, deworming and growth plans.
Equine Care
The Animal Hospital provides dedicated care for your equine companion, with specialized pens and services that include fluid care, ultrasonography, preventative medicine and wound care.
Continuing Education
We understand that having the latest information on care and husbandry is important to anyone with horses and livestock. We work hard to make that information available to you with regular newsletters and educational roundtables with experts in our large modern meeting space.
Mobile Visits
We come to you! Our vets and staff are prepared to offer services on-site at your location with our fully-equipped mobile unit for the herd and individual animal care.
We offer a fully-stocked pharmacy with medications and products we recommend for your livestock and horses.
Emergency Services
The Animal Hospital is prepared to care for your stock and horses with 24/7 on-call emergency services at the hospital or through our mobile unit. Our experienced staff is committed to providing the customized care your animal needs in an urgent situation.

Small Animals

The Animal Hospital is committed to your pet’s health and happiness and has a knowledgeable team ready to offer the best in veterinary care in a comfortable space. Our services include:

Comprehensive Examinations
Annual exams are your pet’s first line of defense. The Animal Hospital’s exams include checking overall health by taking their temperature, examining skin and coat, lung and cardiac function, internal health, oral hygiene, eyes, ears, and demeanor. Our examinations also cover orthopedics, ophthalmology, and dermatology as needed.
Preventative Care
We focus on preventative care and offer Wellness Plans that will save you money on your pet’s routine preventative screenings, exams, and vaccinations. Our Wellness Plans are also customized for your pet’s stage of life and may also include specific screenings and tests as needed.
The Animal Hospital has top-notch surgical facilities and an experienced surgical staff, and we’ll keep you informed every step of the way to make sure you understand and are comfortable with any proposed procedure. We also make pain management a priority.
Diagnostic services allow us to take a closer look at the internal workings of your pet and can assist our veterinarians in determining any underlying conditions. We offer state-of-the-art diagnostics as well as in-house laboratory services, a digital x-ray unit, ultrasonography, electrocautery, and a new full dental scaler and drill unit.
The Animal Hospital offers a convenient online and in-house pharmacy stocked with products and medications we recommend. Our online pharmacy is easy to use and features discount pricing, automatic shipping direct to your door, and easy refills. At the site, you can also purchase flea, tick, and heartworm preventatives, pet foods, prescription diets, and other pet products.
Our boarding facilities are a safe and comfortable option for your pet while you’re away. Our staff is committed to our pet’s care, and because they’re staying at a veterinary facility, you can rest easy should your pet have any medical emergencies in your absence.
Grooming is an important part of keeping your pet feeling great, and The Animal Hospital offers full grooming and spa services for your pets. Our skilled, professional groomer also offers medicated bathing options and specialty skin and ear care products for your pet.
Emergency Services
The Animal Hospital is prepared to care for your pet with 24/7 on-call emergency services. Our experienced staff is committed to providing the customized care your pet needs in an urgent situation.

Preventative Wellness Plans

We have preventative wellness plans to make sure your pet is cared for all year long. Packages include examinations, vaccinations, and more. Low monthly payments are available to keep your pet’s care affordable. Monthly payments available for under $50.

Items included: Unlimited examinations (non-emergency), intestinal parasite examination, deworming, vaccinations (depends on your pet’s life stage), annual blood work, urinalysis, spay or neuter, dental cleaning, heartworm prevention, join supplementation, nail trims, blood pressure, and radiographs. *Different levels and options for each life stage of your pet(s).

Our Preventative Wellness Plans provide your pets with a package of great care all at affordable, monthly payments. Click on the pet like yours to see what we offer!

Additional Plans

  • Diabetic Healthcare Plans
  • Cardiac Healthcare Plans
  • Arthritis Healthcare Plans
  • Renal Healthcare Plans
  • Seizure Healthcare Plans
  • Thyroid Healthcare Plans
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